2010 Conference Adaptation

Conference Adaptation

Our responsibility

The 2010 International Climate Change Adaptation Conference committee is committed to minimising the carbon footprint and impact on the environment during the planning and staging of the Conference.

The committee recognises that the Conference will impact on the environment is its use of power, water, office consumables and the travel that we and our event participants undertake.

To ensure that the Conference is environmentally responsible, the committee aim to:

  • minimise our consumption of energy, water, and other resources during planning and staging of this event
  • off-set carbon emissions created by travel that has been supplied to event participants
  • maximise the use of sustainable methods and resources for transport, catering, stage design and exhibition (our stage design has been recycled from a previous event)
  • monitor and control the use of consumable office materials through responsible use, reusing and recycling in the lead up to the Conference; and
  • minimise the use of disposable items by using  crockery at all opportunities.
  • encourage responsible use, reusing and recycling of all products and equipment that are used during the staging of the Conference.

The conference venue, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, was one of the first convention facilities in Australia to achieve Green Globe Certified Silver status under the Green Globe Earthcheck Certification programme managed by EC3 Global. The global programme recognises the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Cenre’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standard. The Centre has successfully implemented an Environmental Management Plan that integrates a number of strategies to reduce energy and water consumption and better manage waste. It sources 80% of its food products within a 200 kilometre radius of the venue. We have worked with the Convention centre to select a menu that aims to minimise carbon emissions and reduce waste.

For further information, please see the Convention Centre’s website.

It’s everyone’s responsibility

What our delegates can do to help us and the environment:

  • purchase the carbon-offset option available by most airline carriers
  • walk or catch a bus to the conference venue as it is in walking distance of most selected hotels
  • keep an eye out for the recycling bins throughout the venue, and dispose of waste thoughtfully throughout the conference
  • where available collect exhibitor information electronically i.e. preferably, ask exhibitors to send you information
  • recycle conference handbooks, satchels, name tags and lanyards that you don’t wish to keep – keep an eye out for special recycling bins on the final day of the conference.

Tips of our sponsors and exhibitors to be more environmentally aware:

  • Condense the number of materials you bring to the conference
  • make your information available to delegates electronically – send information via email
  • where possible, provide recycled or consumable products as giveaways
  • use the recycling bins provided at the venue.