2010 Conference purpose

This conference will be one of the first international forums to focus solely on climate impacts and adaptation. It will bring together scientists and decision makers from developed and developing countries to share research approaches, methods and results. It will explore the way forward in a world where impacts are increasingly observable and adaptation actions are increasingly required.

Climate change adaptation:
steps towards the future

Climate change is one of the most important environmental, social and economic issues facing the world today. Despite growing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some impacts such as more intense floods, droughts, bushfires, and rising sea levels are now inevitable.

We must therefore plan for and adapt to these changes, in order to minimise the negative impacts and enhance the benefits to natural systems, societies, and human activities and well-being. This represents a challenge for decision making at all levels, from individuals to governments, and in business and industry.

The Climate Adaptation Futures Conference will showcase leading impacts and adaptation research from around the world. It will explore the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making, and how robust adaptation decision making can proceed in the face of uncertainty about climate change and its impacts.

Located in South-East Queensland, the Gold Coast is Australia’s sixth largest city, and one of Australia’s fastest growing regions. Tourism is a dominant industry in this region, with visitors attracted to its famous beaches, and World Heritage listed national parks.