2010 Parallel sessions

Parallel Sessions

Guide to the Parallel Sessions
For the convenience of conference participants, we have organized the parallel sessions into areas of common interest, or ‘threads’. In deciding which parallel session to attend, it may help you to follow a thread. But this is only provided as a guide – there is no requirement to stay with a single thread throughout the conference.

Thread 1Understanding and communicating adaptation Thread 2Adaptation by sectors Thread 3Adapting from the grass roots Thread 4Frameworks for adaptation Thread 5Adaptation at the edge Thread 6Human welfare and adaptation
future(2)Scenarios of the future for adaptation eighteen
Adapting agriculture to climate change(session 1 of 2)
A Climate of Uncertainty: Indigenous Land Managers, vulnerabilities and adaptation to climate change
The economics and costs of adaptation
Coasts, deltas and small islands (session 1 of 2)
Adaptation and the community(session 1 of 2)
tenClimate Information for users eighteenAdapting agriculture to climate change(session 2 of 2) nineNational and sub-national case studies of adaptation (session 1 of 2) sevenThe interface of adaptation and mitigation nineteenCoasts, deltas and small islands(session 2 of 2) fourHuman security, social and equity issues
twelveRisk communication and behavioural change seventeenWater sector adaptation: innovations nineNational and sub-national case studies of adaptation (session 2 of 2) fourteenResearch meets business and industry fourteenImpacts and adaptation in the tropics fourteenEngineering and technology solutions for adaptation
elevenCommunication of information for adaptation fifteenEcosystems(session 1 of 2) Constructing and enabling local knowledge eightNational and international adaptation activities fiveClimate extremes and disaster management(session 1 of 2) oneAdaptation and the community(session 2 of 2)
twentyfive(1)New concepts in adaptation fifteenEcosystems(session 2 of 2) twoAdaptation and development twentyoneAdaptating to climate change in cities fiveClimate extremes and disaster management(session 2 of 2) sixteenPublic health adaptation to variability and change