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The great debate

Hall M

Sponsored by the South Australian Local Government Association

Public health impacts of climate change will be greater in regional communities. Does where I live dictate how healthy I’ll be? This will be a traditional style debate, with two teams comprising of three debaters each (affirmative and negative) with six minutes per speaker and a moderator. We will ‘pitch’ regional issues against metro issues and will keep the debate light-hearted despite the serious undertone.

Cr Jill Whittaker (Campbelltown Council), Mayor Bill O’Brien (Light Regional Council), Danny Broderick (Public Health Policy Advisor), Nicole Halsey (Director, URPS), Jocelyn Galvez (Red Cross), Professor Scott Cameron (Adelaide Uni), Rohan Hamden (Rohan Hamden and Associates), Dr Kevin Buckett (Director of Public Policy, SA Health), Lisa Teburea (LGA Executive Director of Public Affairs), Victoria Brown (LGA Climate Change Senior Officer


Creative adaptation: The role of art in adapting to climate change


Climate change is a complex social, technical, scientific, economic and political issue. We seem to have used plenty of words to describe, explain, argue, promote and refute climate change science, risks and responses. Is it time to try new ways of communicating using different mediums? An increasing variety of art forms are now being applied to climate change.

This panel present three different types of ‘climate art’ and discusses the process, challenges and outcomes of this process

Performance and discussion

Song: Robert Kendall, songwriter

Storytelling: John O’Brien, author of Visions

Design: Tristan Schultz, Visual Communication Design & Design Futures