Keynote presentation – Looking to the future: climate change adaptation challenges and opportunities

Antony Funnell

The Age of Trust, the Age of Vulnerability

If the polls are correct the Australian public doesn’t trust the Gillard Government over the need for a carbon tax; and we know there are still many people out there who don’t trust the science of climate change. So the issue is one of trust, right? Well, yes and no. What if the bigger problem in dealing with the climate change issue is actually too much trust, not too little; and what if trust is actually leading us to a future of heightened vulnerability.

In this presentation, Walkley-award winning journalist and broadcaster, Antony Funnell, asks us to look at the bigger picture and to question the perception that we live in cynical, distrustful times. He explores the way our current attitudes toward technology mirror those of the Victorians, who came to trust that all problems could be solved by science and engineering, but who left a legacy that arguably led to conflict, pandemic, famine and environmental destruction. So from climate change to data storage are we creating a technological framework for our world that makes us more, rather than less vulnerable?