Parallel session 11 – Adapting water resource management

Wednesday 1 October 2014 – Day 2, 8.30-10.00am
Room 8
Advancing the adaptation of the water resource sector in highly urbanised regions across Australian
Silvia Serrao-Neumann*1, Gemma Schuch1, Steven Kenway2, Darryl Low Choy1
1Urban Research Program, Griffith University, Australia, 22- Advanced Water Management Centre, University of Queensland, Australia
A service delivery approach to climate change risk assessment
Eleanor McKeough*1, Donna Lorenz2, Bruce Rhodes1, Mark Gibbs2
1Melbourne Water, Australia, 2AECOM, Australia
Water Utility On-line Risk Registers
Michael Bartkow1, Karl Mallon*2
1Seqwater, Australia, 2Climate Risk, Australia
Climate change and the Murray-Darling Basin Plan
Ian Neave*, Jody Swirepik, Tony McLeod
Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Australia
Adaptation planning on Australia’s irrigation frontier
Jason Alexandra*1, Rohan Nelson2
1Alexandra & Associates, Australia, 2Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, Australia
Adapting water resource management: lessons from the Mekong River Commission
Anthony Kiem
University of Newcastle, Australia