Parallel session 13 – Economics to support adaptation decision-making

Wednesday 1 October 2014 – Day 2, 3.30-5.00pm
Arena 1B
Chair: Russell Gorddard (CSIRO)
Can climate derivatives help fund climate adaptation efforts?
Richard Little*1, John Parslow1, Alistair Hobday1, Campbell Davies1, Quentin Grafton2
1CSIRO, Australia, 2ANU, Australia
Who is going to pay for that? 
Adam Davis, Jenny Merkley*, Nick Wood
KPMG, Australia
Economics of adaptation decisions in the energy sector
Ferenc Toth
IAEA, Austria
We’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain – using lessons to build resilience for water services
Jason Mullins*, Cath Botta
North East Water, Australia
Seasonal Forecasting to Support Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in a Changing Climate
Claire Spillman*1, Alistair Hobday2, Jason Hartog2, Paige Eveson2, Debbie Hudson1
1Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, 2CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia
Resilience Benchmarking for Adaptation Planning
Karl Mallon1, Nicola Nelson2, Jacquelyn Lamb1, Laura Harris*2
1Climate Risk, Australia, 2Sydney Water, Australia