Parallel session 20 – Engaging with stakeholders

Thursday 2 October 2014 – Day 3, 11.00-12.30 pm
Room 7
Chair: Steve Turton (JCU)
Community Conceptions of Climate Vulnerability: From Discourse to Policy 
Lisette Collins*, David Schlosberg
University of Sydney, Australia
People, planning and practice: Experiences of values based, stakeholder-centred adaptation planning in South Australia
Nicole Halsey*, Victoria Haupt
URPS, Australia
Climate risk, adaptation and transformation: Understanding WA farmers climate risk perceptions and attitudes
Chris Evans*1,2, John Noonan1
1Curtin University, Australia, 2WACCOS, Australia
The development of a ‘Guide for Government’ on Incorporating Community Values into Climate Change Planning
Anna Hurlimann*, Jon Barnett, Ruth Fincher, Sonia Graham, Colette Mortreux
The University of Melbourne, Australia
A participatory tool for estimating future impacts on ecosystem services and livelihoods in Torres Strait
Cass Hunter*1, Tim Skewes2, Erin Bohensky3, James Butler4, Steve Turton1, John Rainbird5, Vic McGrath5
1James Cook University, Australia, 2CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia, 3CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australia, 4CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australia, 5Torres Strait Regional Authority, Australia
Perceptions of risk: what are coastal households concerned about?
Carmen Elrick-Barr*1, Dana Thomsen1, Timothy Smith1, Benjamin Preston2
1University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, 2Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA