Parallel session 24 – Approaches for adapting and transforming conservation management in a changing climate

Thursday 2 October 2014 – Day 3, 11.00-12.30 pm
Room 8
Chair: Alistair Hobday (CSIRO) & Paul Marshall (GBRMPA)
A whole-of-system perspective on managing estuarine resilience and adaptation
Scott Condie
CSIRO, Australia
Upselling or selling out? Biodiversity offsets as a transformative strategy for conservation in a changing climate
Paul Marshall*1,5, Ray Victurine4, Ameer Abdulla3, Peter McGinnity1, Melissa Boss1
1University of Queensland, Australia, 2James Cook University, Australia, 3IUCN, Switzerland, 4Wildlife Conservation Society, USA, 5Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Australia
Adaptation services: the role of ecosystems in climate adaptation decision making and natural resource management
Russell Wise*1, Tim Capon1, Matthew Colloff1, Michael Dunlop1, Sandra Lavorel2, Mark Stafford Smith3, Kristen Williams1, Craig James2
1CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australia, 23Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine, CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes, France, 3CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship, Australia
Integrate or implode: the case for investing in social resilience as a conservation strategy
Nadine Marshall*1,3, Erin Bohensky1, Curnock Matt1, Goldberg Jeremy1,3, Gooch Margaret4, Pert Petina2, Scherl Lea5, Stone-Jovicich Samantha1
1CSIRO, Australia, 2CSIRO, Australia, 3James Cook University, Australia, 4Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Australia, 5NQ Dry Tropics NRM, Australia
Adapting criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management to a changing climate: a Victorian case study
Andrew Haywood1,3, Andrew Mellor*1
1Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Australia, 2Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia,3University of Melborne, Australia