Parallel session 9 – Adapting coastal management

Wednesday 1 October 2014 – Day 2, 8.30-10.00am
Room 6
Chair: David Rissik (NCCARF)
Ebb and flow but little adaptation: A decade of discourse about coastal policies in NSW
Anne Leitch
ARC Centre of Excellence, Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, Australia
Incorporating Climate Change into Engineering Design Along the Eastern Australia Coast
Bill Peirson*1, Tom Shand2, Nathan Guerry1, Jamie Ruprecht1, Jason Evans1, Ron Cox1, Brett Miller1
1UNSW, Australia, 2Tonkin and Taylor, New Zealand
Vulnerability to sea level rise of 8 beaches in Shoalhaven, New South Wales
Fahim Tonmoy*1, Abbas El-Zein1, Isabelle Ghetti2, Ray Massie2
1University of Sydney, Australia, 2Shoalhaven City Council, Australia
Using Multi-Criteria Analysis to Prioritise Coastal Adaptation Options for Local Government
Stephen Summerhayes*1, Geoff Withycombe1, Ben Preston2
1Sydney Coastal Councils Group Incorporated, Australia, 2Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Coastal Climate Risk and Adaptation Studies: The Importance of Understanding Different Classes of Problem
Mark Gibbs
AECOM, Australia
Climate Change vulnerability and adaptation for coastal NRM planning. A case study in the east coast of Australia.
Tasha Warren, Marcello Sano, Melanie Cox, Rodger Tomlinson, Dan Ware*
Griffith University, Australia