Plenary session 2 – How is business responding to climate change?

The business sector is a key sector, with a critical role in driving and implementing adaptation to climate change. The business sector is a critical component of managing climate change risks, including not just infrastructure and property dimensions, but lending, insurance, retail, food and manufacturing engagement. In this session we feature a keynote presentation from Rowan Douglas (Willis RE) followed by a roundtable panel discussion of business responses.
Chair: Mara Bun (Greencross)
Insuring Resilience: How the Primary Colours of Capital, Science and Policy can Enable Risk Management & Adaptation at National & Local Scales.
Rowan Douglas
Willis RE, Australia
Business Roundtable Panelist: Professor the Hon Stephen Martin (CEO, CEDA)
Stephen Martin
Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Australia
Business Roundtable Panelist: Chi Mun Woo (KPMG – Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability) “How understanding risk interconnectedness builds better business climate resilience”
Chi Mun Woo
KPMG, Australia
Business Roundtable Panellist: Dr Jason West (Blue Leader Financial/BHP Billiton)
Jason West1,2
1Blue Leader Financial, Australia, 2BHP Billiton, Australia