Synopsis session 7 – Building resilience of communities and community services

Wednesday 1 October 2014 – Day 2, 5.10-6.30pm
Room 7
Chair: Guy Barnett (CSIRO)
Vulnerability influences the successful implementation of climate change adaptations
Sarah Metcalf1, Ingrid van Putten*2,3, Stewart Frusher2, Nadine Marshall4, Malcolm Tull1, Nick Caputi6, Marcus Haward2, Alistair Hobday3, Neil Holbrook2, Sarah Jennings5, Gretta Pecl2, Jenny Shaw7
1Murdoch University, School of Management and Governance, Australia, 2Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, Australia, 3CSIRO Wealth from Oceans and Climate Adaptation Flagship, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia, 4CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences and Climate Adaptation Flagship, Australia, 5Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania, Australia, 6Department of Fisheries, Western Australia, Australia, 7Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Australia
Adaptive capacity, adaptation and ethnic diversity in Australian households
Stephanie Toole*, Natascha Klocker, Lesley Head
University of Wollongong, Australia
Positive Subsidiarity and resilience – offering a way for governments to let go? Johnston. G and Remond. J
Gareth Johnston*1,2, Jacqui Remond1
1Australian Catholic University, Australia, 2Macquarie University, Australia
Climate Change Impact on Women’s Livelihood in Bangladesh: Vulnerabilities versus Adaptabilities.
Muhammad Asaduzzaman*, Salim Momtaz, Meg Sherval
The University of Newcastle, Australia
Using drought history in Funafuti to educate communities for resilience
Meelina Ailesi
Tuvalu Meteorological Service, Tuvalu
Impacts of climate change to the transhumance system and local adaptation measures in the Himalayas
Suman Aryal*1,2, Geoff Cockfield1,2, Tek Narayan Maraseni2
1Faculty of Business, Law, Education and Arts, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, 2Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments (ACSC), University of Southern Queensland Australia, Australia
Planning for Climate adaptation with indigenous peoples in the Mackay Whitsunday region
Robyn Bell*1, Ilisapeci Lyons2, Gerry Turpin3, Samarla Deshong4, Gary Mooney5, Ro Hill6
1Reef Catchments NRM, Australia, 2CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences, Australia, 3Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation & the Arts, Australia, 4Koinmerburra Aboriginal Corporation, Australia, 5Yuwibara Aboriginal Corpotation, Australia, 6CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences, Australia