Synopsis session 8 -Tools and knowledge to support adaptation

Wednesday 1 October 2014 – Day 2, 5.10-6.30pm
Room 5
Chair: Judy Lawrence
Natural resource management planning for climate change: Information needs and challenges
Barton Loechel*1, Lilly Lim-Camacho1, Christopher Cvitanovic2, Peta Ashworth1, Veronica Doerr3
1CSIRO, Australia, 2CSIRO, Australia, 3CSIRO, Australia
Identifying needs and enhancing learning about climate change adaptation and water planning at the post-graduate level
David George, Jeff Clewett*, Poh Ling Tan
Griffith University, Australia
Statistical downscaling of multiple CMIP5 GCMs for studies of agricultural adaptation to climate change: Rainfall and temperature over the NSW wheat belt
De Li Liu*1, Ian Macadam2
1NSW Department of Primary Industries, Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, Australia, 2Climate Change Research Centre and ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, University of New South Wales, Australia
Tropical cyclones in the central southwest Pacific – trends & relationship with El Niño-Southern Oscillation
Terry Atalifo*1, Yuriy Kuleshov2, Simon McGree2
1Fiji Meteorological Service, Fiji, 2Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
ENSO’s bullseye: The influence of ENSO phases on rainfall across Kiribati
Kamaitia Rubetaake*1, Grant Beard2
1Kiribati Meteorological Service, Kiribati, 2Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
Web tools to support Adaptation:
Tim Erwin*1, John Clarke1, Tim Bedin1, Craig Heady1, Natalie Vincent1, Tim Pugh2, Justin Freeman2, Duan Beckett2, Chris Gerbing1, Leanne Webb1, Luke Farley3, Juliana Koh3
1CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere Flagship, Australia, 2Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, 3LCUBED (, Australia
Confidence in projected changes to Australian Climate: contribution from model evaluation
Aurel Moise*1, Louise Wilson2
1CAWCR, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, 2CAWCR, CSIRO, Australia
‘What-if’ scenarios for future planning: climate related adaptation from terrain evaluation results (CRATER) for protecting mine productivity
Jane Hodgkinson*1, Micaela Grigorescu2
1CSIRO, Australia, 2Geological Survey of Queensland, Australia